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Wayne Richard Greavette
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Wayne Richard Greavette $50 000 REWARD Wayne Richard Greavette was born on January 4, 1954. His life was taken from him on December 12, 1996. He was only 42 years old. He is sadly missed by his wife, son, daughter, and his large extended family.Wayne was well known in the packaging machinery equipment industry. He serviced machinery and did complete line installations for numerous food and beverage companies all over Ontario, and in other provinces as well. Until 1993, Wayne spent many years at a packaging machinery company that moved to the Acton Ontario area. When he left the company, it was not on good terms, and he dissolved his partnership with them. Wayne and his wife started a small business of their own, in the same field, which they ran out of their home in the rural Acton area until June 1996. In June 1996 they moved to a farm, located in Moffat (Puslinch Township), Ontario, just a half hour away from their previous home. From there, they continued to run their business, as well as developing a spring site located next to their property, until the time of Wayne's death in December 1996.
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