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What is known about the murder
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A package addressed to Wayne was delivered to his home via Canada Post.  When he opened the package, he was killed by the flashlight bomb contained inside.  The package came with a letter, the details of which follow: The letter was typed witn a Smith-Corona typewriter using a daisy wheel font model 10/12 #59543.  The daisy wheel used in this typewriter left a distinct anomalu in the letter, a slash after each period, (.\) Tha anomaly is uncommon, and if you can remember seeing it in any of your correspondence at work or at home, you should contact the police.  Please check out this anomaly carefully.
The person who committed this murder was very callous and cowardly, and had absolutely no regard for the lives and safety of others. The person who committed this murder deserves to be punished. Please take the time to read the above carefully and look closely at the pictures provided. Try to recall if you have ever seen Wayne, or heard someone speak of him. Maybe you saw him doing work at the plant you work at. Maybe, if you are a local, you have seen him at local bars in Acton or Milton, Ontario. Maybe you overheard someone speak of his death, and remember something odd they may have said. If you were a friend of Wayne's, and know anything at all that could help, but were too afraid to talk back then, here is your chance. Please, if you know of anything at all to help solve this case, use one of the anonymous methods we have provided below to contact the police, Crime Stoppers, or even use an anonymous email to send a message. Wayne's family deserves Justice and Closure, and we need your help to give them that.
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